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10 Minute Walk From Solitude
White Walkers
Dancing Water
I didn't have wi-fi so I started to paint
Exit, stuttering & nebula
Qu'est-ce que ça peut faire tout ça
White Tapes
A Guide to Making a Genie
I/O. Without Enemies
Exit, Stuttering & Nebula at kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Inga Ģibiete, Vivienne Griffin, Eoghan Ryan, Henning Lundkvist, Mikko Kuorinki, Īrisa Erbse, Frank Boyd
Curated by Kaspars Groševs
6.12.2015. - 24.01.2016.
In the moment, stepping onto the doorstep between entry and exit, it is possible to find a clue even if the weaving has unravelled in the weaver’s hands. But in the beginning there were sentences which could not possibly not be misread. Their simplicity was on the edge of the cliff which stretched from one stitch to the next, from one imprint to another. The nebula flows into the transparent shadows which mock the turns that it boldly crawls into itself, resisting weekend fatigue. In the wide open eyes of the blinds it becomes a clump of earth, a powerful thing which splits trajectories into various speeds. In the chewed up tissue the nebula dissolves into itself, allowing the conversations to become candles that only light up the quietest of movements. In the asemic signs the nebula stutters around itself, before falling into the swirl of repetition.


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