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I/O. Without Enemies at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Rīga
15.05. - 19.06.2011.
Few interesting things to know before considering going to the exhibition:
* Even though I can’t swim, sometimes I use to stand in the sea in a reasonable depth and then look in one direction and then in another.
* The exhibition has an entrance door, which also serves as an exit. Nothing will hide itself behind it and no one will try to take anything away from you.
* When you get to learn something new, you can’t really know if you hadn’t already known it. It happens that it is more difficult to forget a shadow than to remember a material or a colour. It also happens that it is much nicer to remember something previously unknown.
* When an artist and a culture theoretician Brandon LaBelle as an adolescent wrote a letter to a writer William S. Burroughs, as an answer he received a postcard from Kansas, which expressed just one phrase, “Words are your enemy”.
* Also in art galleries there are emergency exits.

Photos: Ansis Starks
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